Why You Need To Develop Inner Senses

What is it that you want in your life? As your own individual person where you are the holder of your beliefs and you sense your world from your perspective.

Is it to be happy with your life?

To be happy with yourself, you need to be satisfied with not, so much, with what you have done, but, instead, with what you are doing.

What you have done is just that… It is done and gone. It has value to reflect upon to feel satisfied with it’s outcome or to use it to re-adjust your behavior so as to improve your satisfaction with the outcomes.

Did you harm others to gain your feelings of satisfaction? More important than that… did you enjoy harming others?

You have found the right place to study if you actually enjoyed seeing others suffer because the way I have witnessed it, experienced it, and keep seeing how your cult driven minds function, you got yourselves brainwashed into a self-defeating belief system at a young age, by design, and now think there is no way to improve your behavior.

If you don’t try to harm others and don’t seek to harm others, then you are of a higher level of spiritual awareness and can skip this section.

Now, for the people who do harm others in any way and/or enjoy it or thinking about doing such things… you need to understand that you are creating your own situation of, first, thought atrocities. If you push those thoughts into action, then you are a stage worse by committing personal atrocities. You are likely a member of The Cult. If you are not a member of The Cult, then you have an easy fix because you don’t have fellow initiates and masters pushing/dragging you down that slippery slope of co-created atrocities against your truer, good, human-nature deeper within you.

If you don’t have a cult encouraging your enjoyment of hate and greed and self-righteousness thinking and being that way… then read Seth’s book “The Nature Of Personal Reality.” You have to want to change your beliefs and world-view if you want a happier life… good luck and hire a good personal life coach… stay away from the wicked ones, they are usually, Cult/secret society based and seek to grow their movement to collapse society to bring in their “Phoenix from the ashes”… remember “being truly happy includes the happiness of others, along with you.” Stay away from brainchips and develop your inner senses and prosper.

As for The Cult initiate reading this; And that is… You have a bit bigger problem than some brainwashed, TV-baby being bad. Nobody is going to help you who understands your situation other than, say… me. The Cult has guided and even designed Western society to be just that/this way.

You were likely tricked into joining The Cult as a teenager when you knew nothing about anything and you were very impressionable and suggestible in those early years of “know-it-all-ism.” Remember watching those black and white documentaries about Hitler and the Nazi’s brainwashing the youths into tattling on their parents to the Gestapo thugs for believing in a world of freedom and love? Those thugs were part of The Cult, too, just a different branch than the ones hiding in the shadows today. Stalin was into The Cult, too, they murdered over 60 million profane and that includes fellow brothers serving The Cult but were expendable once Stalin established his circle. Guess when you craft to deceive, better stay in that “inner-loop of thugs.” The Russians were just an different region and language that Germans, but The Cult had similar oppressive goals and methods… A High School history teacher taught me that communism and fascism loop around on that circle of political control of the masses and the two systems meet to become almost the same thing. The State “heads” are “god” in one case and The Corporate “heads” are the “techno-gods” in the other. Same picture just a different hue.

Here is where the “pyramid” of control models your cult. Wide at the bottom with “blue” fresh initiates and near the narrow top of the pyramid are those “heads.” I guess the eye on the back of the USA dollar note is the ancient, Lumanian, AI computer interfaced into everyones’ brain… Lucifer?

The Cult is not alive co-creating this reality… you see, The Cult is already dead… the individuals, brainwashed as they are, are alive and co-creating their experiences like every other individual… profane or not.

Your Cult problem is very deep rooted in Earth’s human history; Seth identifies a past civilization experiment upon Earth that decided to extinct itself due to mainly genetic deficiencies. That second Civilization was call the Lumanians. They were the sound-using geniuses that built the Giza Pyramid using high technology, using sophisticated machines and maybe brainchipped, hive-mind workers (I rather think the hive-mind was “likely” with the Lumanians). No, not that fairy tail of Egyptians using stone hammers and bronze chisels. Stone-work Engineer, “Christopher Dunn” produced documentation that identifies a greater technology than our own was obviously used in “pre-history-times” to built many ancient structures like the Giza Pyramid. Dunn did well! The Lumanians are our ancient ancestors that gave up their lifestyle of impeding others. Like they did to the native humans on Earth and instead, their civilization committed suicide. They were smart enough to know they needed to learn to control being violent rather than wiping the tendency out of their species’ genetics. So they chose to get the genetics back into their off-spring and blended their higher intelligence genetics into our Homo sapiens species. (This is what Seth tells us, so it is likely accurate.) They had the natural inclination for violence genetically taken out of their species after the first human civilization success story as a means of accelerating their progressing to greater spiritual understanding. But, instead of progressing towards an understanding of becoming capable co-creating Earthbound entities… their detriments of genetically extracting their natural need to learn to control their violent impulses was too great a barrier and their civilization experiment failed. They were intelligent enough of a civilization to realize that this social deficiency was too great a barrier for their civilization to mature into a self-regulating, non-fearful, useful, god-like, being… so they spread their seed amoungst us and quickly died off in this reality. They could not cope with life here. But they left their “remnant Lumanian” genetics on Earth… so they are still, in a way, here within us.

Seth did not elaborate on the Velikovsky solar system collision that darkened Saturn and sent obvious interplanetary thunderbolts of lightning to Mars and Earth’s moon as well as other heavenly bodies. Symbolically, Lucifer was cast down from Kronos and Saturn remained. Seth did not elaborate that the Lumanians possibly had to live through this shocking experience, either… maybe they did… which may have added to their decision to inject their genetics into the native Earthlings before their civilization collapsed.

What a story/puzzle to solve from multiple sources… it feels correct to me, but who is going to tell me the real story since Seth2’s articulate, bridge-mediumship passed away in 1985. (Seth’s was part of that spiritual bridge was to interpret and humanized Seth2’s information/knowledge… fantastic achievement! And mostly unknown by the profane… and maybe The Cult, too.) We might be on our own from now on… Seth2-wise. Hence the need for everyone to develop their own “Inner Senses.”


The Cult seems aware of the ancient times when Kronos created the waters of life for Mars and Earth, but they seemed to have turned this knowledge into their religion and gloat at “the profane” as to how smart they must be to have such ancient knowledge beyond any other religion. You can see some differently shaped skulls (possibly Lumanian) in ancient documentation, but The Cult keeps a lid on the information handed down through the ages(Pieces, Taurus, Scorpio). (Does Capricorn fit in there?)

The Lumanian were the great impede-rs of other species upon Earth, back in their day. Now, following in their ancient footsteps is The “remnant Lumanian” Cult… impeding non-cult initiates or what they call the profane and maybe themselves, too, haa.

I found the work of William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon radio series to identify the behavior and origin of The Cult. They are, likely, “the monsters” that Seth informs us could surface out of the shadows for those who concentrate upon society’s negative aspects… Seth warns us if we concentrate on what these monsters do, then we can soon expect them to be standing in front of you, by choosing that probability and bringing them into your probable reality.

I did this.

It did take 4 years of distributing CDs to the general public about the negative results of “Globalization.” How Canada was heading towards austerity the way Argentina by the same organized world politics. Humanity and freedom would suffer. I didn’t realize there was a World Wide Cult making sure it would happen, so I got my surprise in 2006 about The Cult. Then in 2007and 2008 they gifted me with brainchips. So I know a little bit of what I’m talking about that brainchips will destroy humanity if not just The Cult by itself. Its a mystery awaiting to be solved.

If you are reading this article, then you have already chosen this probability (Seth’s warning about running away from anyone putting monsters into your head is gone. You are already locked into the monster crisis!) and will have to face the challenge of illuminating them back in towards humanity. This is not an impossible task since we are all manifesting here as spiritual-babies and spiritual-baby-thugs in a co-operative venture to learn how we co-create our own experiences. Our super-selves have their “hands” full just maintaining our frequency of perception, cell-growth, heart-beat, breathing… I bet the list is endless. All we spiritual-babies have to do is to get along with each other as we learn how to control ourselves.

This is where the Inner Senses come to light.


You see, The Cult minions already have some understanding of becoming a successful civilization. But the big problem that they have is they have been twisted to be greedy and hateful towards non-cult minions. And they are self-righteous being that way, and that they know it all and are destine to control the play-ground or sand-box.

They have fooled themselves preaching that “Their Ends justifies their Means,” which translates into their lawful right to murder and kill anyone that gets into their way… which is very unethical, btw. They would be crying and sobbing about justice and ethics if the table suddenly turned on them… this is why they are the “secret” societies… they can’t share such information… and they keep the memory of the “Demolay” affair in the minds of their new initiates how important the word “secret” really is. But Earth is changing it’s frequency and soon secrets will no longer be so “secret”… hence, maybe, The Cult’s plan to brainchip everyone and force non-minion population down to… nothingish? Kind of makes sense, that they would try… being all brainwashed to serve their “Ruling-class techno-gods” at the top of the figurative control pyramid.

All the secret societies branches control their minions to swear to hold their secrets from the “profane.” The “profane” includes me, too. But I see the monsters having a horrible future, so in lew of helping my fellow/loving/co-creating Earthlings within The Cult of Hate, we need to help them back towards humanity and sanity by expanding their imagination of themselves. “Illumination” is their real quest of their order, not conquest of the (spiritual) sandbox.

As for helping the monsters becoming human again. We need to realize that they are The Cult that has taken over most every position of power in society. They believe the Age of Aquarius is “their time” of controlling Earth. They have centralized and concentrated their powers of social control within the Western Civilization from the shadows, of course, and in the early 1990s began pushing Agenda21 and globalization everywhere along with the brain-chipping/trans-humanism movement.

The cult minions have been brainwashed by the The Cult to give up their “will power.” This is a thing that Seth warned about that hiding within a “group” does not negate your responsibility to your soul your greater self, your natural grace, your individual integrity… but The Cult brainwashes it’s minions to ignore the wholesome impulses that come from their entity, within.

Another huge problem is the challenge of humanity becoming overwhelmed by the power of technology. Seth informed us back in the 1960’s that we have progressed to the age where technology adds great complexity to our civilization. Not only have we advanced to concern ourselves with “the world” rather than our community and country, but now technology has rerouted the way we see the world, the way we experience Nature.

More concerning is the successful interfacing or bridging of the human brain with computers. The Cult is using technology to upset the old order of the world and instead bringing about a new world order of society. This has been prepared for years. Back in the 1960’s Seth commented that for the last 50 years society has taken a turn for the worst. So that meant at the time when the secret societies began redirecting “science” and “education” institutions is where our culture began loosing it’s integrity.

The greatest problem I see with technology is the brainchip interfering with corporeal reality’s demand for spiritual value-fulfillment. The brainchip is designed to block “impede” the spiritual inner senses. All-That-Is will have no difficulty extincting such uselessness out of existence… not that your failure in this probability will not be used to help educate the successes in any other probability. Nothing goes wasted, I suppose… It is just a shame that more of that ancient, Lumanian intellect didn’t surface within The Cult’s scientific elite. I started reading Huxley’s book, while sailing, about some medieval Jesuit guy who religiously worked on the minds of the locals. I think the beginning of the second chapter made allusions to his downfall, but he was apparently enjoying being a wicked rascal of a preacher. Eager to defy his religious oath of celibacy and destroying the minds of the youth. What a mind that Huxley must have had creating that piece of work. And there you go… Huxley claimed to be The Cult’s scientific elite… one of the background designers of the scientific take-over of the profane. Oh, there were more, before Huxley and his brave new world was Pike.


Albert Pike had already helped found the KKK and assigned to be the author of “Morals and Dogmas” that guided the The Cult minions through the 32 levels of secrets and integrated into the scottish rite a new type of social integrity.

For example, the use of laboratories to study the actual behavior of Natural Physics began to be ignored and was replaced with new mathematical thought-experiments. See Thunderbolts.info for cross-reference of this. Seth even pointed out a new “prophet” was Einstein. I think Chapter 5 in Seth’s “The Nature of the Psyche” it was pointed out that Einstein was used for social control. Dr. Walace Thornhill pointed out that Einstein’s twisted physics cause the loss of 100 years of progress. Universities and science was used to impede… reminiscent of the Lumanian’s negative inputs into Earth’s next human civilization experiment. Now, the brainchip is designed to impede civilization (again) with The Cult at the controls… this is why the monsters need to be converted back towards human prosperity. But they have to get over the hate and greed.

But The Cult became an artificial entity, a corporation, with a very long life-time. Political decisions made by The Cult could span hundreds of years, even thousands of years. Then one finds out the founding fathers of the USA Constitutional Republic were mostly members long-living-life of this cult. Striping the freedom away from the profane is done very gradually.

The USA was taken off the gold standard allowing the eye over the pyramid on the back of the one dollar “gold note” to see a new covert control over the masses of profane.

The first international bankers were the Knights Templar according to William Cooper. But they had to go underground and exist secretly after the 1307 political mess-up, if it indeed occurred or was it more fake-history to justify Cult atrocities to combat other religious atrocities. The first half of the 20th century made great profits for the international bankers during the fabricated world wars. Since the USA didn’t join the League Of Nations after the First World War, the Second World War was used to establish the United Nations. USA was still too strong in it’s old values by the ending WWII, so Hitler was obviously instructed by The Cult to hinder the German Generals from acquiring Moscow. Hitler was supposedly last photo graphed in 1955 in Argentina… I don’t know… Seth wasn’t getting involved with politics exposing things and getting Jane and Rob in trouble with The Cult. So here I am… in trouble with The Cult, haa!

Anyways, we are trying help the monsters in The Cult to save themselves from self-destruct mode.

If you are in The Cult, you definitely have to read the Seth works… The books were written for you minions to help you save yourselves from extinction. You create your own destruction. Seth says any species that has no purpose with simply end. Suicide itself! You monsters are going down an unfortunate probability towards self-destruction. You need to become more happy with your world-views and thus your reality will follow suit.

Seth’s books are just what you need to solve your dilemma. The Lumanians tried to pass on their superior intellect genetics to our species, but your cult got infiltrated by the greedy and hateful “Illuminati” is has been said and promoted the “Death cult” idealism. Tisk, tisk… There went JFK, there went King, there went Cooper, and thousands of others… you are picking your way creating the probability where you don’t want to be. You minions all claim you are not in control, but each of you are.

You all create your own experiences and they all amass into a chosen probability.

Now, the self-illuminating minion needs to read Seth’s book: “ The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.”

by James Sidaway


Published by

James Ross Sidaway

About The Inner Senses and why their development is now required in our probability. The human body is the corporeal manifestation of the personal spirit-fragment given life by its greater loving soul within this stable framework/box (this physical world) for self exploration and awareness development. The purpose of this life and its probable challenges is to explore and understand oneself as a direct result in whichever direction personally desired to be developed or path chosen to expand the mind and spirit. The symbolic “box” is meant to provide environmental stability for ALL spiritual-babies learning about self-control. Also for control of silly things like consuming greed and hate and also to keep the spiritual baby-thugs (who thrive upon this) safely contained and away from less controlled (and less forgiving) frameworks where greater psychological devastation would result to those spiritual-baby-thug’s developing minds. Such spiritual-baby thugs desire to cast their wills’ and responsibilities’ away to the secret-societies and simply follow orders from cult members of deeper dedication to that corporation. The more challenging, spiritual-baby reincarnational-life on Earth will not feel any desire to pass off their own will-power to some controlling cult of a highly-organized thug-network or simple, mind-controling scheme. The best learning books are the Seth (indirect knowledge) Book-Series written through the great, spiritual-bridge medium-ship of Jane Roberts and Rob Butts. A miraculous effort that came to Earth to help enhance this world’s faltering/impeded civilization by, mainly, the greedy and hateful secret-societies of technologically adverse mind-control techniques and tools. But these are secret and only the highly perceptive can peer through the camouflage. Seth warned that many probabilities of civilizations (such as ours) have literally extincted themselves after losing signs of useful value-fulfillment for great, All-That-Is. Seth provides the alternative spiritual belief-system that will give our civilization a greater chance for success rather than our present coarse towards failure. Similar to a human lying to itself and believing it’s self-deception, this probability’s civilization is lying to itself and also believing in the dis-information resulting in a self-defeating direction. Once our civilization develops and depends upon the true inner guidance from personal, dependable "Inner Senses" rather than false-gods and dogmas and religions and superstitions and a secret, world-wide Cult of control / brainchips, we will be past the silent looming threat of a failed "human experiment."

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