Dreaming-Self Control

One of the most powerful self-awareness tools that we all have is to control our dreaming-self. Taking control of your dreams can be done almost at once if you make the effort. Brainchips are designed to interfere with the sub-conscious and conscious mind and substitute into your mind “fake-dreams” controlled by AI software or “Lucifer”, so best do your experimentation before the local medical mafia does their covert rounds in your area.

Once you are able to gain dream lucidity (which is not difficult), then you can take your dream in the directions that you want.
When you get comfortable with dream-control, you can hone your dream-self past simple lucid-dreams and into “astral-projection,” but The Cult wants control of the many aspects of our corporeal brain to maintain control of the enslaved while within the microwave, prison-grid. So if you are not an unfortunate, brainchipped initiate being misguided by the AI mind programs already, your dream-self is still FREE, so get going with becoming a competent dream-controller while you can.

A good instructor without dogmas, once you are consciously lucid within your dreams, is Seth’s “Unknown Reality” Session 719 as well as all the other dream related Seth material.
(Sorry Cult initiates…. you screwed yourselves once you willingly took the brainchip, but you were likely brainwashed with dogma before that, anyways…) The unchipped “profane” are at the advantage here. “Profane” means your head is not filled with all the Cult’s dogmas (and a few truths that magically “illuminates” them, haa!). But the “profane” that are chipped usually don’t live too long. Hardly as long as say Magnus Olsson, but his head is still bombarded with the AI’s synthetic telepathy and other hidden tortures, he said a few years ago.

The brainchip substitutes fake-dreams to confuse any dream-self exploration and inhibits or controls one’s lucidity and replaced with grotesque Cult, thought-training. Yes, it is a different world in the microwave “light” of artificial mind-control. Make good use of your present freedoms.

Session 719: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1DlpR9WXCg
720: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USNmScemPYo
721a: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M8sv2omk-w
721b: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oArvzHGKf0k
722: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q2Xw2ymGiA
723a: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvEnCL-6-xc
723b: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fypbrHUROQ

by James Sidaway


Published by

James Ross Sidaway

About The Inner Senses and why their development is now required in our probability. The human body is the corporeal manifestation of the personal spirit-fragment given life by its greater loving soul within this stable framework/box (this physical world) for self exploration and awareness development. The purpose of this life and its probable challenges is to explore and understand oneself as a direct result in whichever direction personally desired to be developed or path chosen to expand the mind and spirit. The symbolic “box” is meant to provide environmental stability for ALL spiritual-babies learning about self-control. Also for control of silly things like consuming greed and hate and also to keep the spiritual baby-thugs (who thrive upon this) safely contained and away from less controlled (and less forgiving) frameworks where greater psychological devastation would result to those spiritual-baby-thug’s developing minds. Such spiritual-baby thugs desire to cast their wills’ and responsibilities’ away to the secret-societies and simply follow orders from cult members of deeper dedication to that corporation. The more challenging, spiritual-baby reincarnational-life on Earth will not feel any desire to pass off their own will-power to some controlling cult of a highly-organized thug-network or simple, mind-controling scheme. The best learning books are the Seth (indirect knowledge) Book-Series written through the great, spiritual-bridge medium-ship of Jane Roberts and Rob Butts. A miraculous effort that came to Earth to help enhance this world’s faltering/impeded civilization by, mainly, the greedy and hateful secret-societies of technologically adverse mind-control techniques and tools. But these are secret and only the highly perceptive can peer through the camouflage. Seth warned that many probabilities of civilizations (such as ours) have literally extincted themselves after losing signs of useful value-fulfillment for great, All-That-Is. Seth provides the alternative spiritual belief-system that will give our civilization a greater chance for success rather than our present coarse towards failure. Similar to a human lying to itself and believing it’s self-deception, this probability’s civilization is lying to itself and also believing in the dis-information resulting in a self-defeating direction. Once our civilization develops and depends upon the true inner guidance from personal, dependable "Inner Senses" rather than false-gods and dogmas and religions and superstitions and a secret, world-wide Cult of control / brainchips, we will be past the silent looming threat of a failed "human experiment."

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