Everyone should be studying their dreams by recording them.

This is a rather strange statement to begin a web-page, but this is a rather strange web-page, because it is geared towards your development of your self.
When you look back at what you have accomplished during your life-time upon Earth you need to ask, “How well do I know myself?” The next question could be, “What is this all about anyways?”
Two of the most basic questions, but our society is designed to keep you away from these questions. Why? The more in-depth that you can answer these two questions, likely the stronger your personality and perceptions will have to be. And this is what everyone should be trying to achieve given all their variations of natural abilities. If everyone did this, we would be living in a much more sane civilization… but we have been somewhat tricked into not doing this.

There are reasons why our society and our personalities have been suppressed…
Over-all, the best thing that I can suggest for you if you are oblivious to the existence of the secret-societies and you are not being directly attacked by their unseen forces… just forget about the suppressed society and study your dreams intently (sleeping with your head to the north) This is the very best advise anyone could give anyone who is not doing this. That statement seems to be a surprise because you obviously have not done this so you have no judgment of what usefulness studying your self can be. The secret society do study their dreams because they know the benefit… well, it’s smarter minions know this, at least.

Expand your awareness reading the Seth-Books starting with “The Nature of Personal Reality” and doing all the exercises Seth gives you within your Personal Dream Record Book. If you are not recording your dreams, you have to start now… your dreaming-self is your avenue to learning about your source-self. If you think you are free and not impeded… this is the best advice anyone could give you and just dive into the Jane Robert’s and Seth’s Material instead Guaranteed, you will never regret the effort placed into knowing your self and you will never complete the task… ever… ever. It is the best thing that you can to make the entire world a better place to live.

No one ever gave me this fantastic advise, so consider yourself very fortunate, do it for yourself, and tell others and your world will slowly begin to transform almost magically into a better place.

Now, on to darker aspects of this civilization that we presently live under and depending on yourself, could be more pressing a concern than just studying yourself. Yet, learning about the truth that is within you will be a self-effort appreciated forever, even beyond your death, believe it or not… my, that sounds deep, doesn’t it, but it is true. “The Nature Of Personal Reality” is likely the first Seth-Book you should study thoroughly.  But don’t link here unless you think you are ready to dive into the sorry aspects of the Mystery School Cult.